When Canadian-Jewish actor, Michael Rubenfeld, first came to Poland, he discovered that some Polish people buy pictures and figurines of stereotypical looking Jews counting money. They put these images on the walls or shelf to provide economic luck to the household or business.








While at first surprised to see these seemingly problematic images, Rubenfeld quickly recognised this rare business opportunity. If these images of imaginary Jews were so lucky, imagine how lucky an image of a real-live Jew must be?


Working together with photographer, Jason Francisco, and designer, Magda Rubenfeld Koralewska, they have carefully crafted remarkable images of Rubenfeld counting his own money. These images are sold on the street by Rubenfeld (AKA: The Lucky Jew of Poland), and now exclusively online for all who desire 100% luck from a 100% Jew. 


Don't settle for anything but the real thing.

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